EL Oils keeping your business and home well oiled

EL Oils offer a specialised range of oils, lubricants, coolants, fuel treatments and other consumables for all types of classic, veteran and vintage vehicles. We ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently, using the right oils and lubricants to prevent corrosion, extend lifespan and cut costs on replacement parts.

Steam Train

Classic Car

Vintage Car

Racing Car

Classic Motorbike

Vintage Motorbike

Racing Motorbike

Vintage Bus


Our specialist oils and lubricants offer quality, durability and performance for your classic, veteran and vintage vehicles.

We carry and supply a full range of specialist oils and lubricants which include:

Straight Steam Cylinder Oils

Compound Steam Cylinder Oils

Bearing Oils

Sentinel Crankcase

Straight Oils

Fuel Additives

Although we are distributors for Total, Gulf, Shell and Petronas, we can supply products from all other manufacturers.

Why not take advantage of our free lubricant health check? It’s important to ensure your current lubrication solution is correct and in good condition. This process is absolutely free, book your free lubricant health check now.

Need technical advice or support? Don’t get lost in the world of hydraulic fluid, hydraulic liquids or hydraulic lubricants, why not call our knowledgeable team on 01543 252301. EL Oils know everything you’d need to know about hydraulic oils.


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