EL Oils supporting efficiency and performance on the road

From special lubricants for motor racing competitors through to achieving greater fuel efficiency on the roads, EL Oils are abreast of the latest lubricant technology. With our engine oils, lubricants and fuel solutions we ensure your motor runs smoothly and efficiently. Using the right lubricant will prevent corrosion, extend lifespan and cut costs on replacement parts.

Sports Car

Sports Bike

Track Bike

Track Car

Domestic Car

Truck Racing

Speed Boats

Our oils and lubricants offer quality, durability and sustainability to the automotive industry.

We carry and supply a full range of lubricants for the motorsport and automotive industry, which include:

All major brands

Racing Oils

2-Stroke Oils

Specialist Transmission Fluids

Axle Grease

Lithium Grease

Although we are suppliers for Total, Gulf, Shell and Petronas, we can supply products from all other manufacturers.

Why not take advantage of our free lubricant health check? It’s important to ensure your current lubrication solution is correct and in good condition. This process is absolutely free, book your free lubricant health check now.

Need technical advice or support? EL Oils are an automotive lubricant and oil supplier that is always at hand to provide assistance, so if you would like more information on our wide range of lubricants for your vehicle, please contact us on 01543 252301. We are happy to advise you on the right solution for you.


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